Paid Social vs. Organic Social

To pay or not to pay…that is the marketing question of all time. Organic social media is any social media activity that doesn’t involve paid promotion. Everything with organic social media is free. These free tools work to help engage with followers, grow your community, allow you to have direct contact with clients (through DM’s) and you can grow and build an audience through organic tools. Paid social media is anything on social media that’s paid for or influenced by ad spend. Paid ads, sponsored ads, or sponsored posts are paid advertising to a social network (such as FB or Instagram) to serve up or show these ads to audiences that go beyond the client’s following. Paid and organic social strategies work best together to build, grow and engage your followers within and beyond your followers.

Benefits of Organic Social • Organic Social is free. • Organic social is a great way to build your fanbase. Building your fanbase includes letting your clients/fans create content that they post and tag you so they are essentially doing the work for you. • Use social listening tactics which help you determine who exactly your target audience is and what they are really looking for. • Promote products and services on your social posts any time and as much as you want through organic social media. • Use custom hashtags to help your brand stand out on various social media platforms. • Create private groups that entice and attract the type of clients you want in your community. These groups are free and help build your brand as an authority. • Establish trust and demonstrate transparency while telling your brand story.

Benefits of Paid Social • Paid social enables brands to reach way beyond their immediate followers, and break through algorithms and to connect with audiences that are unlikely to discover them otherwise. • You can instantly see results (good or bad) with paid advertising and you can adjust your ads and copy accordingly. • If you have an offering that’s working, using paid ads to reach more people is a great way to get more conversions. • Use paid ads to continue with brand awareness that is happening on the organic side, to further drive your messaging to a consumer. • Paid advertising is also a great lead gen tactic, to pay for email leads that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Bringing together the Power of Paid and Organic Social The best digital marketing strategies use both paid and organic social together for a complete marketing approach to their business. Organic tends to be a “slow grow” building audiences slow and steady, while the paid method can make a large impact faster but it costs to play. As long as marketers focus on adding value rather than bombarding audiences with sales pitches in every post, customers will stick around and be loyal followers.

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